A sampling of my work.  Enjoy!

Mach Fury (scratchbuilt 1/24)

San Francisco Streetcar (Hawk 1/48)

Cosmo Zero (Bandai 1/72)

Vostok-1 (New Ware 1/144)

Corvus Belli 28 mm Infinity Miniature (Authorized Bounty Hunter)
Vasco Da Gama (1/144 kitbash, see workbench)

Koensayr BTL-A4 Prototype Y-wing (Scratchbuild 1/48th scale)
Takom 1/16th Renault FT-17
Spock Kitbash (+Amoeba kit)

ICM Bussing Nag 4500 1/35 truck with hay bales (See "Joy For You")
1/35th Japanese Airfield Trucks (Katana Resin and Fine Molds)

Miss Muffit Resin kit by Simian Productions

Captain Cardboard Moonliner with Douglas scheme

Steampunk X-wing for Star Wars Uncut ( I won 1/946th of a Creative Arts Emmy)
You can find the clip here:  Our 15 second segment is at 1:46:46

1/16th Scratchbuild of a tank design by D. Snook called a Breacher

Wadatsumi from "Japan Sinks" (Original resin Kit by Resin Chef and Team Ukeke)
1/35 Eastern Express BA-6
1/35 T-34

1/7th Sorceress by Solar Wind
Studio scale X-wing (Captain Cardboard, Red 6) and scratchbuilt Y-wing.  The Y-wing was built around 1994.

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