Friday, August 4, 2017

Omaha 2017 IPMS National Convention

Last weekend I joined other humans in the Midwest to celebrate the Joy that is the building of plastic models. Here follows is a scale representation:

Four of us made the 8 hour drive, we were not sure how we were going to get our purchases home. This is the advantage of being typically male, as a future problem "this would simply solve itself". Onward! (&BTW, it did).

These places for the masses look best in the morning after coffee. For about 6 minutes.

One of the "Sprue Brethren" schlepping unassembled plastic goodness.

The contest room on Friday.

Typical of the vendor wares.

Vendor display of Nazi plywood Horton in 1/32 scale.

One of my purchases. I have others in the series. Sure, laugh it up fuzzball.

This was a seminar that I visited on building real space craft. I gave a seminar myself on resin kits. Fun and well attended. Uh, this one. Mine? Huh.

The nice folks from FSM had an advance copy of "Out Of This World Modeling". SHAMELESS PLUG: I have a model featured in it, this will be out in the fall.

Had this at the Sack museum.

OK, here are some models:

Here is a white car, presumably driven by Romy.


Robot Spy.



Submarine, Yellow.


Our "Group Build", F-4 Viet Nam Phantoms. Mine is the gray one. (We got 3rd place!).

After the awards ceremony we grabbed our models and scattered like rats.

Thus endeth another scale modeling event. We return to regularly scheduled blogness in our next installment. Plastic is dead. Long live Plastic!

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