Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Oscar Goldman & Ninja Cat Build The DMB-87: PART 6

Nationals all done, funds exhausted, basement almost tidy...time to for another dumb header:

Last we left off I got the basic fuselage knocked out. The fuse attaches to the MDF bar for machining, I decided in my finite wisdom to cut the bar. The wood glue is to glue it back. The post in the bar fits between the tail spikes to hold it on center.

Illy is used to create tail outlines, I stretched them because they are foreshortened in a top view.

They are double-stuck to a jig to create 23 degree angles.

These are scrapped.

New set, The holes are drilled before they are cut out, they are used to realign if I need to put them together to cut something. Notches on the ends are for the Garmillas protuberances.

I cut more positioning blocks to make sure everything is lined up.

Holes are drilled in tails while together and edges square.

Then 23 degree angles are cut.

Paper templates scale the wing roots.

Sharpen the ends of the brass pins to scribe a line on wing.

Drill holes.

The pure music of infrastructure.

I attach fuse to the MDF rail in order to mill the areas where wing roots attach flat for a nice fit.

Basic shape of wing traced.

On the model. Now that these dimensions are set (no details yet, they only cloud the mind), time to think about other wing areas.

There is ordinance and the racks to consider. The rest of the wing and those pesky spatted landing gear.

That's it for now, until next time (soon, I have still a lot of catching up to do here).

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